Ex Shanti Prayas -III

Nepalese Army

Altogether 28 countries, including co-sponsor the United States announced their participation in the Exercise "Shanti Prayas-III" to be held at Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre (BPOTC), Panchkhal, Nepal from 20 March to 3 April 2017.

Being a major troop contributing country, Nepal and the Nepalese Army have extensive knowledge and experience in peace support operations. Hosting this type of exercise in Nepal will not only enhance Nepalese peacekeeping capabilities but will also help other participating nations.

This multinational exercise is the latest in a continuing series of exercises in the Asia-Pacific region designed to promote regional peace and security and enhance the peacekeeping capabilities and capacity of nations participating in the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI). Exercise "SHANTI PRAYAS-III", which means "Peace Endeavour" is designated to train defense personnel from GPOI and Non GPOI countries.

GPOI is a G8 nations’ initiative to increase peace support operations capabilities worldwide. The GPOI Program expands global peacekeeping capability and capacity to meet increased peace support operations requirements through a long-term commitment to assist partner nations with training, facilities and equipment in establishing an increased level of indigenous training capacity.

United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) regularly conducts these types of exercise in various GPOI-’s partner countries around the globe Nepal is the first country to host Multinational Platoon Training Event Exercise “Shanti Prayas” in January, 2000.


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