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The exercise "Shanti Prayas-III' kicked off amid a special ceremony organized at Birendra Peace Operations Training Center (BPOTC), Panchkhal, Kavrepalanchok on March 20, 2017. Right Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the Chief Guest of the opening ceremony, formally inaugurated the exercise by lighting the flame of peace.

During the ceremony, Rt Hon Prime Minister Mr Dahal, COAS Gen Rajendra Chhetri, Admiral Harry B.Harris JR., the commander of USPACOM and HE Alaina B. Teplitz, Ambassador of United States to Nepal laid wreath to the Martyr's Memorial on separate occasions.

During the opening ceremony, COAS Gen Chhetri delivered the welcome remarks. Likewise, speaking separately on the occasion, Rt Hon Prime Minister Mr Dahal, Admiral Harry B.Harris JR., USN and HE Alaina B. Teplitz praised Nepalese Army's effort in making international peace and stressed that this kind of exercises will further help to maintain the international peace.

The Nepalese Army (NA), in coordination with US Pacific Command (USPACOM) under GPOI , program is conducting this exercise which includes Regional Training Seminar, Staff Training Event (STE), Field Training Event (FTE) and Critical enable and capability enhancement (2CR).

The multinational exercise is the latest in a continuing series of exercises in the Asia-Pacific region designed to promote regional peace and security and enhance the peacekeeping capabilities and capacity of nations participating in the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI). Exercise "SHANTI PRAYAS-III", is a multinational Peace Support Operations (PSO) exercise designated to train defense personnel from Nepal, US, GPOI and Non GPOI and friendly countries.

Altogether 1024 personnel from 28 countries including 21 GPOI countries (Bangladesh, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, Philippines, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Kirgizstan, Thailand, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam) and 7 Non-GPOI countries (Australia, Canada, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, United Kingdom) are taking part in the exercise.

Present on the opening ceremony were Hon Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Finance Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara, DPM & Hon Foreign Minister Prakash Saran Mahat, Ex COAS of NA, General Officers, officials of sister security organizations, officers of Nepalese Army and international armies and media personnel.


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