Biography of Major General Dev Kumar Subedi

Major General Dev Kumar Subedi joined Nepalese Army in 1979 and was commissioned into the Mahendra Dal Battalion in 1981.

Maj Gen Subedi has been trained professionally both within and outside the country in various military training institutions. He completed Young Officers Course, Para Basic Course, Company Commanders Course and Battalion Commanders Course from Nepal. In the foreign trainings, he had been trained in Combat Survival Instruct Training and Conflict Resolution from UK, International Military Course on Humanitarian Law of Arm Conflict from Italy, Interviewing Course from India and Special Operation Counter Terrorism Course from USA.

He is a graduate of Army Staff Course, Nepal and National Defence College, India. He is also an alumnus of Nepalese Army Suping Campus, Bhimphedi. Apart from these courses he has attended a number of other courses at home and abroad.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (B.A.) from Tribhuwan University and Diploma Course in Conflict Resolution from York University, UK.

He has held various staff, instructor and command assignments in his career. He commanded an Infantry Battalion, Special Forces Battalion, and Infantry Brigade. He was also a commandant of Army Infantry School. The General also held the appointment of Director of Military Intelligence and Director of Human Rights.

He is the Colonel Commandant of Gorakh Dal Battalion.

As far as his experience in the UN mission is concerned, he has served in UNIFIL, Lebanon (1988), UNPROFOR, Yugoslavia (1993) and MONUSCO, Congo (2003).

Currently he is holding the appointment of Divison Commander in Mid Division Headquarters.

He has been decorated with the prestigious "Gorkha Dakshin Bahu".

He is happily married to Mrs. Sujana Subedi and blessed with a son Bipul and daughter Dina.