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Rehabilitation Center

The internal conflict which raged for over a decade in Nepal has left a lasting wound. Thousands of lives were lost and thousands have been left disabled. During the conflict, various hospitals provided the much needed medical support. However, little follow up was possible after discharge. Thus there is no reliable data on those wounded, disabled or their degree of disability. Some of these victims have been deprived of their livelihood. The lack of data has been an obstacle in the formulation of any policies in this regard.

A comprehensive nationwide rehabilitation program is required in the country. Such a program should include physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation and social awareness programs. Realizing this need of the nation, the Nepalese Army has established a national rehabilitation center with the help of the Government of Nepal. This center seeks to cater to all the above mentioned areas. The Army will be responsible for running this center. The main purpose of the center is to have the following:

  • Surveillance Team
  • Physiotherapy unit
  • Artificial limb and appliance workshop
  • Psychotherapy unit
  • Paraplegic home
  • General ward-50 bedded (For amputees coming for prosthesis, disabled those need physiotherapy and orthosis).
  • Vocational training centre for various trade groups.

Achievements to Date

  • The Nepalese Army has provided 4.02 acre of land in Chhauni (valued at Rs 256 million). The Government has allocated Rs 30 million for construction of building.
  • The government has committed a further Rs 22 million for establishment of a physiotherapy unit and the necessary furniture.
  • The Nepalese Army has also provided Rs 2 million for office furnishing and air conditioning of the physiotherapy hall.

Although tasks such as assisting development activities, conservation of nature, disaster management, etc have been viewed as secondary roles, the contributions of the Nepalese Army in such areas are unparalleled in the country. In fact, the Army is actually viewed as the lead actor in many of these roles. Thus it would only be but fair to state that the Nepalese Army is an indivisible and essential partner of the Nepalese people and society in many diverse areas.


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