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Nation Development

Forever concerned with the well being of the nation, the Nepalese Army gladly supports Nepal's quest for development. Today, it is considered as one of the most cost effective and dedicated bodies for national development in Nepal. The Nepalese Army has been utilizing its trained manpower and resources in support of national progress for many decades.

Infrastructure Development

The Army has been instrumental in opening up remote areas through rugged mountainous terrain with a large number of road and bridging projects. The selfless sacrifices of Army personnel and its institutional drive and integrity have made it possible for national planners to maximize the benefits from limited resources. The Nepalese Army has played an important role in developing road networks in remote and rugged areas. Listed below are some of the roads developed by the Nepalese Army:


Road Projects of the Nepalese Army


Listed below are some of the roads constructed by the Nepalese Army:

  • The Nepalese Army was the major partner in the old Kantipath project linking Kathmandu to the Indian border with 105 Km road.
  • It also constructed the Kharipati – Nagarkot road. Today, Nagarkot is one of the key tourist sites in Nepal.
  • North West of Kathmandu, the Trishuli - Somdang road cuts through 105 Kms of extremely difficult terrain. This road was completed in 1990.
  • By developing the 88 Km long Katari – Okhaldhunga Road, the people of the Everest region had the necessities of life delivered right at their door steps. This track was completed in 2005. Likewise, the 28 km long Hile- Leghuwaghat road was also constructed.
  • The 86 Km long Salyan - Musikot road runs through some of the most remote and deprived parts of Nepal. The development of road would be an important catalyst to the social and economic development of the region. It was handed over to the local authorities on completion in 2005.
  • The 232 Km long Surkhet – Jumla road, built in large parts by the Nepalese Army has been heralded as one of the herculean development achievements in modern Nepal. Besides the construction of the road, this project incorporates various other side projects for the upliftment of the rural society through which this road passes. Rebuilding of irrigation channels, vocational trainings for the under privileged, micro hydroelectric projects, etc have been incorporated into this project.
  • The Baglung – Beni – Jomsong road, which is 91 Km long, is built through some of the most picturesque terrain and can support the development of the region by providing transport to a region rich in agricultural products.
  • The 45 Km long Drabya Shah Marga, was built with a view to combating insurgency by pursuing development and security simultaneously. The 37 Km long Satdobato – Niwel – Balua road, the 39 Km long Gorkha - Mankamana road and the 45 Km long Gorkha – Aarughat - Orkhet road were also built under this program.
  • The Besi Sahar – Chaame road is a 65 Km long mountainous road. It follows the Marsyangdi river along the famous "Annapurna Circuit". This route provides service support to one of the most popular tourism areas in Nepal.
  • The 107 km Chhinchu – Jajarkot road, the 112 km Jajarkot-Dolpa road, the 31 km Devsthal – Chourjahari road, the 145 Km Musikot – Burtibang road, the 91 km Nagma-Gamgadhi road are currently being built to provide access to some of the remote and least developed areas of Nepal.
  • Likewise, the 81.8 km Nijgadh-Kathmandu fast track is currently being opened which is seen as an important catalyst in the connection of the Terai and the Capital city Kathmandu.


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